Twitter Used Correctly

Do you know how to use twitter for your business?  Don’t just throw stuff out there!  Let me tell you a story.

I got this tweet randomly …..

RedHorseShoe1: @debworks #welovecountrymusicfans Here’s #freemusic@tommydalton Find him on radio at 5:14pm, Jun 22

It kinda ticked me off, so I fired this response back a couple of days after I had thought about it …

debworks: @redhorseshoe1 you’ll have better luck just talking to me, & not stuffing promo stuff down my throat w/o saying hello first. #justsayin  10:57am, Jun 24

I didn’t expect to hear back cause it was kinda snarky.  Imagine my surprise when I got this ….

RedHorseShoe1: @debworks Well Hello Deborah Just reaching out to good Country Fans like yourself offering some Free Music from our Artist Tommy Dalton3:07pm, Jun 24

So now we were having a conversation!   It followed like this …

debworks: @redhorseshoe1 so where are you located? Why Tommy Dalton?  6:01pm, Jun 24

RedHorseShoe1: @debworks Hollywood Florida Tommy is out Flagship Artist  9:34am, Jun 25

debworks: @RedHorseShoe1 thank you. How did you pick him? Most of us don’t understand the process  10:23am, Jun 25

RedHorseShoe1: @debworks It’s the fans opinion that matters. LOVE to know yours, we feel he has a unique sound vocally and musically 10:27am, Jun 25

After chit chatting I got another chance to listen to the music.  I clicked on the link because we had started to develop a relationship.

RedHorseShoe1: @debworks Here is a song would you give us your opinion? Thank you Todd Red Horseshoe President 10:32am, Jun 25

After listening, here was my response ….

@RedHorseShoe1 I really like this. nice country, nice sentiment and I’m singing it. makes me kinda cry cause I want that man in my life.

@RedHorseShoe1 one more thing, I’d buy this.

Finally, Todd’s respond:

RedHorseShoe1debworks Nice! See I know a #countryfan when I see 1 Thank you=) Where r u Deb? Find Tommy on radio near you at!map/c1hqvu

See how that worked?  After a snarky comment on my part, Todd reached out and started a real conversation.   We chatted a bit, then he shared a link and asked for my opinion.  He made sure I had a couple of links to check out.  I was invested at this point.  THIS is the way to use Twitter.


Tommy Dalton

Tommy Dalton