Trust Agents Chris Brogan and Julien Smith

Chris Brogan and Julien Smith: Trust Agents

They two wrote a book , but first they wrote a change this manifesto – and then someone bought the idea of them writing a book

advice: don’t own a piece of clothing you don’t love (liz and julien)

Chris and Julien met at a podcamp and clicked, saw people incredibly successful at what they did even though they started from nothing – and then there were those who were not successful.

why is it that people are successful on the web and why are some not?

One: Make your own game: stop playing by other people’s rules.

  1. make your own game – stop playing by other people’s rules Perez Hilton a good example: tried to get hired by the mainstream press, People, they said no. He said ok, I’ll just blog. Be the damn best small business online marketing consultant in the world – becky. Antibrand – geoff livingston. Inspire someone. Go around giving hugs.

  2. Inventing your own. Constantly.

  3. Its about standing out — everyone will think of you as the specialist. I stopped trying to be someone else, that is already taken.

  4. There is a system to everything. Discover it, and profit. You can be in the system, or you can understand the system. Find out what the rules of the game are – and then be yourself in them.

Two: membership has its privileges. Be one of us.

  1. outsiders do not influence insiders

  2. search marketing conference (considered to be spam) – he knows everyone and he is one of us.

  3. Be where the people are in your industry – be an insider. Having someone on the inside encourages us to be insiders too.

  4. Insiders forgive each other more and forgive each other faster

  5. its about belonging

Three: Archimedes principle. Wrong guy!

Leverage engine – use it or be used.

  1. big switch rewiring the world, from edison to google – nicholas carr (book)

  2. big companies are getting into social media because they see the leverage

  3. banners, ecommerce, — leverage points

  4. danny brown does a lot with cause marketing

  5. less work: higher worth ( and more time with the kids) do it once, and then do it over and over and over again

  6. write it down – put it on paper or on the web (indexed by search engines)

  7. free hugs campaign: started in australia, he videoed it, the band sick puppies put their music in the video — it went viral 47 million and counting

  8. where the hell is matt on you tube – guy out of college, does a stupid dance on his tour of the world stride gum picked it up and sent back to do it and get a better filming — people say I’ve been there, I wish I were there, how did matt get that job?

  9. Be the center of the network and then build relationships.

  10. Dunbar’s number theory – have group of 150 people or less. Be the center of that. You are the connector of that. Be part of as many 150’s as you can – that is the magic trick.

  11. Linked in – sucks. It does not facilitate good behaviors. Two groups by industry or location.

  12. It’s about access. So what instead? Find people, the ones who matter. Connect with them

Five: don’t be that guy.

  1. handing out biz cards with talking to people – is that guy.

  2. Have empathy towards other people.

  3. Think constantly how other people feel. What can I do to help other people.

  4. I’m reaching out to shake your hand and you put your tongue in my month. That guy.

  5. Make it about the other guy.

  6. Its about empowerment. Make sure people have a voice.

  7. Know when to be visible and when to ghost.

  8. Good leverage: build karma bad leverage: pyramid scheme

  9. reputation comes from empowering others

  10. 826 project (see Dave)

Six: The power of many. Build an army.

  1. educate others

  2. from craft to craftsperson — make it from craftsperson to cottage (build an army)

  3. from cottage to factory – it’s about mass.

  4. From factory to cafe – its about mass customization. Be agent zero – at the center of every network.


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