Three Words for 2015

photo (1) Each year I choose three words to focus on for that year.  This is my sixth year and it all started by a prompt from Chris Brogan.  You’ll notice my words put into pictures of my face.  That’s because I’M DOING IT!

This years words are:





photoBig as in dream BIG, plan BIG, act BIG.

Last year I took small steps, make small decisions and moved forward slowly.  I created a habit but taking small steps.  This year I are stepping out into the unknown in a big way.  I’m writing down my dreams and sharing them.  I’m putting written plans and goals into place.  I’m acting in a big way.






photo (3)Intentional as in set intentional goals.  Don’t let life happen to me, I am intentionally acting in my best interest and working on intentionally changing the world, making a dent in the universe.








photo (2)Step – as in step it up!  Move forward.  Walk more.  Step it up — move things quicker and believe in my actions because I’m thinking big and intentionally doing things.  Step on that bad advice, bad mood, bad stuff.  Step it out — measure the dream in my head, make the plan and intentionally act upon it.








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  1. Beth Ann Chiles on December 31, 2014 at 2:54 pm

    I just realized I clicked on your 2010 post and commented there instead of on this one! I love these words as well!!! It really makes me smile to see what words other people come up with. Mine for the year will be Be, Fearless and Balance. 3 words that I hope will guide me well throughout this new year!!!

    • deb on January 4, 2015 at 4:20 pm

      Thanks Beth! I like your words too. In fact, today’s post is about being bigger than my fear!