Things that make me crazy

deb beer glassesIf you leave me a voicemail, please tell me what you are calling about.  I hate those cryptic messages “call me right away, it’s important.”  But not important enough to tell me why in the voicemail?

You say one thing, and do another.  For God’s sake – stick to your word please.  In the end, it’s all we have.

People who drive and text.  One day you’ll be dead, why ask for that to come any earlier than it will?

People who act like they know everything. Really, no one knows everything.  It actually makes you look smarter if you say “I don’t know, let me find out for you.”

People who always have a complaint bigger than yours. Sometimes I want to be the one in the conversation with the biggest problem.  I don’t want to have a competition for who’s got the bigger problem.  Sometimes I just want some sympathy and a hug.

People who expect everything and give no love when you give it to them. What’s wrong with a thank you once and awhile?

There’s my rant.  Now – I have to take a look at myself and see where I’m the person doing the things that make me crazy.  There is a whole school of thought that says the things you complain about are the things you’re probably doing.

I hate that!

picture is me with my beer glasses on, and I know some of you hate those!

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