The State of Now in Des Moines

The State of Now Conference (140 Character Conference) is returning to Des Moines April 23, 2012 at the Stoner Studio Theatre.

We are currently looking for speakers – and tickets will go on sale next week.  Early bird pricing is $40 until March 1.  It rises to $70 after the 1st of March.  Student tickets will always be $14.

Interested in being a speaker?  Find more info at 

What does the day look like at a 140 Character Conference?

We start at 9 a.m. The Stoner Studio Theatre will be set up for attendees to be comfortable while listening to and interacting with the speakers. Wifi will be brought in to allow cell phones, laptops, and notebooks to transmit messages to the outside world.

As with any conference, there’s got to be some flexibility.  At a conference on the Now of Technology it stands to reason that things may change right in the now of it all.  And every good planner has a great outline – and here’s how it’s looking as of today.

Jeff and Deb will welcome and convene the event.  Each segment will be hosted by a local Iowan — Shannon Latham will host the Agriculture segment, other segments are Small Business, Education, Politics, Tourism, Life, Media, Community. We are still looking for co-hosts for those segments as well.

Then the fun begins.  The speakers will begin. Each individual has 10 or 15 minutes and panels have 15 to 20 minutes.  The idea for presenting in such a short time frame is to eliminate the lecturers, get to the point and share their information in a tweetable format.  Get to the point (which is the point).

There will be a break for lunch and networking – it is catered in.  You will want to come and go and collect in the lobby, stand outside, have conversations with others.  It’s often been said that the real value at a conference is found in the hallways.  Consider the idea of cross pollination.  Imagine the local seed company in Alexander Iowa conversing with the banker in Des Moines and the Rhode Island organic farmer.  What are the possibilities for expanding your knowledge base and connections in the real world?

The Conference ends around 6 and of course we’ll feed you lunch!

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