Sunday Update: Travel

11051852_10205815864652482_6793091865136507437_oMy bike came this week.  I ride in the mornings, early.  No one is on the trail.  Each day I travel a little farther.  Yesterday I rode two miles, and conquered a little hill I couldn’t ride up the day before.  There is no “you should do exactly this” in my agenda.  I’m working on conquering my own personal bests.  My moving goal by end of May is 10,000 steps a day.  I’m at 4,000 pretty regularly.

This week I travel to Sioux Falls, SD for a conference.  I’ll be staying in a hotel for 3 nights and will not have access to a refrigerator.  How can I stay on task?

1. I’m bringing my Oster single serving blender.  It’s a bitty thing, and perfect for making my shake in the morning.  I use Proflex (Protein) shake from Melaleuca and it mixes with water.  Perfect.

2. I’ll walk my steps in the hallways.  Rain is forecast, so no outside walking.  No worries — the hallways will do fine.

3. I’m downloading podcasts to my phone to listen to while walking.

4. I’ve started eating primarily wheat free and this should work fine while on the road.  Most meals have a meat and veggies when at a conference – and that is what I’ll have.  No desserts, no junk food.  It’s a choice I’ve made, willingly.  I realized the choices given were better health or early death.  I chose better health.

5. Continue to use My Fitness Pal.  Recording my calories eaten helps me.  Using my UP band helps too.

If you’ve got recommendations for podcasts to listen to, I’d appreciate it.  I prefer upbeat, informative, small business advice, online marketing, how to make a dent in the universe kind of things!

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