Sunday Update: Trainer Report

Leah Feltz and Hunter Kemper

Leah Feltz and Hunter Kemper

I worked with Leah on Tuesday and took the Weight Lifting class on Thursday.  I’m still here to talk about it.  Let me tell you though – Leah doesn’t mess around.  We stretch, work our asses off, stretch and go home.  We take a full hour.  We run up stairs, we hop up stairs, we skip up stairs.  We do burpees, lots of burpees.  Some do a full burpee with their chest down on the floor.  Some to a short burpee with their arms on the floor.  I did burpees against a bench – can’t yet get down to the floor.  I said on Facebook by June I’d be on the floor.  Leah said “June? January!”

We hop over benches, we hop on benches, we hop beside benches. We do pushups on the wall, we do pushups in stirrups, we do pushups on the floor.  We lift 5 pound weights. We lift 10 pound weights, We lift 12.5 pound weights. We lift 15 pound weights.  We lift our body weight – a lot.  We do whatever Leah tells us to do.  And we do it a lot.

I’m good with it.  I’m sore too.  I have a bruise on my belly and no idea how it got there.  I wonder if my triceps will ever not be in pain.  I wonder where the muscles in my butt came from, never felt them before.

I feel like there’s hope.

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