Sunday Update: Sick

sinusI’ve had a sinus infection for over a month now.  I’ve had three rounds of antibiotics (in the third one now) and a round of prednisone. Dizziness, lethargy, pain in my face, confusion — all symptoms that have bothered me.  This week I did not work out.  It’s bothered me – because I want to work out.  However, after much research and meeting with my doctor, it turns out I’ve chosen to do the right thing.  Dehyrdration is very real possibility when you work out while in the midst of a sinus infection. Clogged nasal passages can cause dizziness which leads to lack of coordination, muscle control and balance.  And frankly, I needed to sleep.  Still one of the best cures ever, sleep.

That was the bad news, now for some good news.  My eating habits are improving.  The more I get away from sugar, the better I eat, the better I feel, the better I look.  I’ve lost 4 pounds too.  I ordered Louise Hay’s book, Loving Yourself to Great Health, and have begun reading it.  There is a definite correlation between food and emotional comfort for me, and she addresses that.  I’ll keep you in the loop about what I find out.  Mom and I went shopping yesterday, and I bought some new work clothes – in a size smaller!

Next month it will be a year since I started working out with Randy.  It’s been a year of discovery, commitment and changes.  Nothing happens fast or overnight.  In this age of instant gratification, that’s a hard pill for me to swallow.  Don’t we all want it right now? I’m learning that I can make change and take my time doing it.  I want to make changes I can live with, and I’ve been doing that this year!

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