Sunday Update: Sick but Better

With the mayor!  Photo by Amy Hild

With the mayor! Photo by Amy Hild

Whew, it’s been a whirlwind December!

I’ve had a lot of forced down time – sickness.  Usually I try to work through being sick, I mean, we always get better – right?

Wrong.  This time I needed medical help.  I have literally over extended myself and my amazing body got sick.  It DEMANDED I slow down.  Week before last I was out 3 days and just laid in my bed, slept and watched Netflix (or it watched me).  I gave the antibiotics a chance to work.  Then I jumped right back up and tried to go go go.  My little cold turned into bronchitis.  And my voice left me.  Back to the dr. and this time I’m taking prednisone.

I’m trying not to talk (ha!), drinking lots of hot liquids, and sitting my butt in the chair.  It’s a time for reflection, preparation for next year and making plans for 2015.

Exercise?  None.  This week the most I got was coughing (a great ab workout I don’t recommend).  I don’t feel guilty about it either.  Sometimes you need to stop and let your body heal.  I have made the choice to relax and envision my body healing.

Food?  Not too bad.  Eating sweets is a downfall for me, and this year it’s not been too bad.  Instead of eating a whole bag of crap, I take a piece or two.  I’m also eating meals that are healthier.  One of my goals for next year is to do more cooking at home.  I’m talking with a friend about doing it together a couple of times a month.

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