Sunday Update: Moving Forward

Up in the air!

Up in the air!

Last week I had the opportunity to climb up on a sky jack and be raised three stories in the air to look at the Webster Theater marquee.  I was afraid I couldn’t get on the sky jack.  I had to climb up three steps and swing myself up and on my knees and then stand up.  Jake Pulis said to me “I call bullshit on that Deb.  You and I rolled a Humvee and this is so much easier!”  So I lifted myself up the ladder, took three steps, got on both knees on the platform and then stood up.  We went up in the air and I saw a sight most people don’t get to see – their downtown from an aerial view.

It’s the little things, really.  A year ago, I would not have had the strength, the courage and the knees to achieve this goal.

Friday at boot camp we were doing squats.  I realized I was at a 90 degree angle in my squat, for the first time ever.  Not only did I have the balance and leg strength to do it, I had no knee pain either.

I have bursitis in one knee and osteoarthritis in the other knee.  In the past, I couldn’t maintain my balance, walk long distances, squat or kneel.  I’ve been working out since November on a regular basis and until last month I still had knee problems.  I just figured it was my age and bad knees and I was stuck with them.

Boy was I wrong!  I’ve been working on strengthening my core which helps with maintaining balance.  I’ve been working out and strengthening the leg muscles to better help my knees.  And the final piece to the puzzle was adding two things: Recover AI and Replenex Extra Strength from Melaleuca.  Most of you know I use Melaleuca products and have been a product advocate for ten years now.  So when these new products came along, I was ready to try them out.  I’m glad I did!

The body can’t manufacture what it needs to build cartilage. Replenex Extra Strength provides optimal levels of glucosamine and chondroitin —the building blocks of cartilage. It also contains MSM and a proprietary A.I. blend to cushion joints, promote elasticity, and ease joint discomfort.  All new Recover AI™ was designed specifically to aid recovery after intense activity. Formulated with a natural, patent-pending blend of devil’s claw, ginger root, aronia, angelica gigas, turmeric root, and green tea extracts, it promotes normal inflammatory response during and after workouts to offer soothing relief and natural support for healthy joint and muscle function.

I tell you my knees are no longer swollen and I’m no longer in pain.  It works for me.  And works damn well.

What has this done for my courage and confidence?  I believe I can do anything.  Seriously, anything.  Walk long distances, climb ladders, participate with my grandkids in activities, and look at the world differently.  Am I at my goal?  Not yet.  I’m right where I need to be in my journey and I BELIEVE I will get to my goal.  I’m not questioning it anymore.  I’ve got an amazing body that will get me where I need to go!


  1. Denise Mendenhall on August 3, 2014 at 1:39 pm

    Mighty proud of you, Deb! We can do anything with determination!

  2. deb on August 4, 2014 at 12:13 am

    Thanks Denise — having fun at it!

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