Sunday Update: Keep Moving

IMG_9574I’ve learned a few things over the last year.

I’m stronger than I think.  I can now lift more, balance better, walk further.  Working out has made a big difference for me.

Consistency is key.  The weeks I workout at least three times are better weeks.

Don’t quit. There have been days I think “why am I doing this? Just quit, it’s easier.” Then I see something Todd has written – he just never gives up. So I go lean against a wall and do some pushups.  Or get out of my chair and go for a walk.

Set backs are not failures, just set backs. I’ve been sick all of October.  Winter is coming and I need more sleep (I don’t know why, but I do know that in the winter I feel better with more sleep.)  My workout schedule is whacked.  It’s a just a set back, not failure.

Try many things. Find what works for you. I have been going to boot camp (not the last two weeks) and I feel better when I sleep until 6:30.  I just do.  I’m writing this book and I do that at night, after work.  I’m staying up a little later and I find I need more sleep.  Boot camp at 6 is just not working for me.  I love my trainer Randy – and our times to workout are not in sync right now.  It’d be a great time to say “oh, can’t work out anymore.  I tried.” If you know Randy, that won’t work!  So I’m adjusting.  There’s a weight lifting class I’m going to try at Fuller Hall on Thursdays.  I’ve bought a tv to use Chromecast and have found a yoga workout.  I’m rearranging my living room so I have more free room in it, to work out!  I’ve also started to do those workouts (yoga, stretching, body weight exercises) for 45 minutes every morning before work – around 7 am.

Eat better, feel better.  This is probably the hardest lesson for me.  I’m a junk food, on the go, give it to me quick, kind of eater.  I also know if I plan my food out I do better.  More grocery shopping, less eating out.  I’m getting better at it.  I’m not beating myself up about what is behind me – and working on better habits so they become part of my lifestyle.

The race is not always by the fastest.  Ask the hare.  I’m in this to win this.  So  I keep moving.

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