Sunday Update: Habit

We are what we repeatedly do.It’s good to have habits.  I have my faux TRX straps hanging on my front door.  I do pushups and pullups twice a day, for a couple of minutes each, just by habit.  I go to Tuesday training with Leah, by habit.  I do squats in the shower, by habit.  While washing dishes, I do funny little leg lifts, by habit.

Habits become helpful when life tries to take over.  Because life will do that.

Practice saying (and thinking) “when I do dishes, I’ll do a few leg lifts” instead of saying “I want to be healthier”.  Setting small, obtainable goals that align with your current schedule are easier to maintain.  Visualization is another process that works too.  Of course dream big, see yourself healthy.  But how does that look?  For me, it involves walking along the beach collecting shells, not being out of breath, wearing a tankini, and every once and awhile taking a little jog.  I can SEE what it looks like.  The next part of the visualization process is seeing the small steps you can take along the way to create the bigger picture.  When I’m doing pushups, I can see the muscles in my arms.  I can imagine those arms in a sleeveless top rivaling Michelle Obama’s arms.  When I’m doing those backward leg lifts, I can see how stronger glutes making walking easier and make my behind look awesome!

I’m not taking time out of my day to do extra exercise.  I’m already doing the dishes, let me just do a few leg lifts.  I’m already standing by the door trying to decide what I’ll have for dinner, let me do a few pushups and think about it.  It’s just a great way to add in a little extra healthier into my day!

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