Sunday Update: Friends

Grand Marais travelers

Grand Marais travelers

I spent the weekend in Grand Marais, Minnesota with a group of friends who like to walk.  They don’t care that I walk a little slower, they just slowed up their pace to match mine.

They also didn’t mind it when I would say “turn around everyone, let me take your picture.”  They just turned around and smiled.

Everyone chimed in to help when we all made pizzas with a group of other like minded folks around the wood burning pizza oven.  We shared stories and laughed a lot and no one talked about weight loss, or diets, or the newest fads in anything.  The discussions were about art, and travel in Africa and growing up as kids in the country and what we wanted our towns to look like in the next 20 years.

Your friends like the real you.  The person who shows up and helps to change their lives when they really need you.  The person who listens to them when they need a shoulder to cry on.  The person who laughs and snorts with them when they forget their phone 50 miles back and you have to turn around to go get it.

I’m a lucky woman – I have friends.  Friends that make me laugh, that love me and that will hold my hand when I need it.