Sunday Update: Fargo

11289704_10206060005915861_1931733602_nI’ve spent the last week since Wednesday in Fargo for the Misfit Conference 2015.  A group of 150 people, all misfits, gathered together to experience culinary delights, art of all kinds, Shakespeare, speakers and each other.  It was go go go from beginning to end.  This is the 3rd year for the conference and as a group we are starting to really gel and figure out how to make a real dent in the universe (more on that this week).

The first evening kicked off with a two mile walk in the prairie and spending time in a treehouse with friends.  Each day I walked and walked and walked, climbed stairs, and danced.  For me, incorporating natural exercise into each day was the way to go.  I’m sure I got 10,000 steps each day, and really enjoyed the exercise! Going forward, a little dancing at night in the kitchen – riding my bike every morning – parking the car a couple of blocks away from work – these are all things I can do and make movement a no-brainer.

The speakers the first day left me sobbing, in tears.  They hit home for me.  Some shared their personal journeys, some shared their dreams and all of them agreed — JUST DO IT.  Get off the mark and get started.  Write down what it is you want, believe you can do it and then do it.  Solitaire Futera said it best,

There’s a trick — you have to turn away from the darkness and turn towards the light. That which we believe come true.  Let’s thing about the solutions instead of the problems. 
She was talking about sustainability.  I was thinking about this in the context of my Sunday updates.  What if I looked at better health through the lens of the future and my solution, instead of where I am now (in darkness)?  


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