Sunday Update: Dealing with Life

Hunter horseI missed last week.  I fell off the horse.  Yet, here I am getting back on the horse.

I really don’t like winter.  Or cold weather.  I love Iowa, and the people, but don’t like winter.  I’m one of those people who is affected by lack of sunshine and cold weather.  I just want to hibernate.  I certainly don’t want to exercise.  In fact, I was to call my trainer when I got back and set up a schedule.  That was three weeks ago.  I’ve not done it.

Yet here I am getting back on the horse.

I’ve slowly been adjusting my diet.  And still eating too many snack foods.  Not as many though.  I’ve been listening to a playlist on TED talks about set points, and changing your lifestyle and eating when you are hungry.  I’m following Jennifer Wilson on facebook who talks about eliminating sugar from your diet.  I’m in my research mode.  The hardest part is going from research to action.  I haven’t moved into action yet.

Yet here I am getting back on the horse.

Melaleuca has come out with some new products and one of them is an anti-inflammatory product.  I have been taking those for two weeks.  They work.  They are helping my issues with IBS.  Aha!  A little action.

Soon me and this horse are taking off for a good long ride.  See you on the path.

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