Sunday Update: Aging

Old woman's hands tucked between her legsThis whole business of aging sucks.  Not aging — just the business of it.  There are so many companies promoting quick fixes for the aging process.  Wrinkle removers, sleeping pills, wake up pills, facelifts, neck lifts, tummy tucks and on and on.

Then there’s the whole pharmaceutical trip (irony intended).  Drugs for one problem that have side effects that make other things stop working.  Next thing you know you’re taking so many drugs and feeling like crap.  Why aren’t we looking for the causes, not the symptoms?

I only worked out with Leah once this week and she in introducing activities that help strengthen the muscles around my knees.  I have bursitis in one knee and arthritis in the other.  Most of the time they feel just fine, thanks to two products from Melaleuca.  However, when working out they sometimes twinge and hurt.  Instead of just stopping working out, Leah is helping me to address the cause — the muscles that support my knees need to be strengthened.  I used my faux TRX straps too – gosh, I love those things!

My mom is in the hospital, I took her yesterday.  She has pneumonia.  She’s 85 and her life is no picnic right now.  Congestive heart failure, COPD, kidney and lung problems — and it’s all hitting the fan at the same time.  My mom is my hero and it hurts to see her feel so bad.  It’s also a lesson.  Take great care of your health, quit smoking (I did), exercise, drink in moderation if at all, eat better and enjoy your friends and family.


  1. Stephen on December 1, 2015 at 12:00 pm

    Podolgo vreme One imaat odlichna poudna. Verojatno najdobar odnos kvalitet/cena. Ama ova so cena za vospostavuvanje povik im e najglupo neshto shto go napravile. Sami si se vrakjaat od percepcija na operator koj raboti bez skrieni troshoci (i reklami imaa so koja gi trolaa T-Mobile i Vip) vo standarden operator. Tapa poteg.