Sunday Update: A Day Late

10178329_10203173547996217_1569913093_nWe had storms here yesterday.  Big, bad ones with lots of rain.  And … I left my power cord at my mom’s.  So it was a double whammy for using the laptop.

Good week last week — used My Fitness Pal each day and made the cut (under calories) all but one day.  And that one day was way over — and it did not stop me from getting back on the horse.  You guys know what that is — you screw up, you eat too much and you feel like “to heck with it, I might as well get crazy.  I’m a loser anyway.”  I had that feeling – but I acknowledged and made a decision on the spot to not accept it.  So what I ate a little extra?  I’m back on course.

I traveled last week too.  Used to be on road trips I’d have lots of junk food to eat while I drove.  That was weird – not snacking all the way to my location.  I did listen to Sirius Radio, the Oprah channel who had great talk stuff playing.  I heard Phil Jackson talk about Zen, Marianne Williamson talk about life and some other talk shows.  I stopped for lunch when I got hungry and made conscious choices to get out of the car and eat a proper meal instead of drive through.  These little steps add up.

I also went to the gym in the hotel and worked out!  Randy gave me some exercises to do in the room as well.  That was easier than I thought. 🙂

Today in the shower I tried some visualization.  I saw myself standing in a rain shower outdoors at a cottage on the ocean.  Smiling.  It was enough for a start. I think tomorrow I’ll imagine myself at the ocean picking up shells and not being out of breath.

Tips of actions to take that are working for me:

  • Plan my workouts the week in advance and schedule them in my calendar
  • cook my lunches on Sunday for the week
  • log my calories every meal
  • work out at least once a week with my trainer
  • and share my progress!



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