Sunday Update: 8 Years to Now


My friend Erin shared a picture with me from 2008.  It really did knock my socks off – good God I looked awful! 2014 was just about as bad.  That’s when I started to think “I can do this.”  It’s a slow path, but a steady one. And since 2004 I’ve traveled the path always taking my Melaleuca products.  People ask my why I’m so committed to the company and the answer is easy.  Because the products have saved my life.

That picture from 2008 – I was very sick that year.  We weren’t sure what it was, but I was afraid it was Chrons Disease.  I had all the symptoms and was physically sick with diarrhea at least 3 times a day. I was scared to walk more than one block without knowing where the bathroom was. After many many tests I was diagnosed with IBS.  I lived on Imodium, as much as 8 tablets a day.  To make matters just  little worse, my personal life was in upheaval and it was in 2013 that I finally was divorced.  In 2014 I began to pay more attention to my health after I saw that picture you see above.  Still, I carried the weight of the world on my shoulders.  My mom was dying and I didn’t have much longer to be with her.  She died in August of 2015.

All throughout these trials I kept using my vitamins.  I drank my protein shakes and I kept adding new products from Melaleuca to my regimen.  Today I’m on the Total program and life just gets better and better.  I’ve got more energy, the weight is coming off, my blood tests keep improving — and I no longer take Imodium.

I’m staying true to my Fitbit, as much as I can.  I was slow a couple of days this week – but I overdid it and needed to rest my foot.  It’s better now.  I’m working on eating as healthy as I can – and that’s good most days.  I will faithfully order my vitamins every month, clean my house with non-toxic products, burn wax melts, use essential oils and be a Melaleuca girl.  It’s easy, I order direct from the company and get just what I want.  Most of all, I’m getting my health back.

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