Just What Is An Idea Friendly Town?

Tweet: Just what is an idea friendly town? Just what is an idea friendly town?

You’ve met the fellers* who have nothing good to say and relish starting false rumors about people?  You know a few negative nellies who don’t think anything is better than it was in 1950, right? Those are the people that are closed to new ideas, and they’re loud.  In fact, with social media they are getting louder.  But here’s the thing, they comprise just a small portion of your community – and definitely not the majority or even close.  We have a running joke that they make up the 8 percent that scare the other 92 percent.

If you could wear the t shirt theme below, you’d be right in line with a whole lot of other communities:

Welcome to My Town

Only 8% of us are idiots 

SaveYour.Town is hosting our next webinar (TONIGHT!!!) and it’s about how to make your town Idea Friendly.

If you hear “We tried that once” or “That’s not how we do things here” one more time, you’ll scream. But you have great ideas, a vision of what your town could be. How do you start making things happen? Learn the practical steps you can take to change attitudes, draw a crowd of supporters, improve the environment and create more connections, no matter what the pessimists say or do.

If you’ve been struggling with getting your ideas to happen, then together we’ll work through the process to make your town more Idea Friendly. We’ll show you how to Gather Your Crowd, Make Connections and Take Small Steps. It all adds up to creating the kind of town you want to live in.

It’s $20 to take the webinar.  You can view it live at 6 pm CST on Wednesday, July 7 or you can watch the replay, available until July 21st.  Why not bring a few of your friends in to watch it with you?  We don’t host webinars where you see a PowerPoint presentation and find yourself daydreaming about other things.  Becky and I are live, right in front of you, having a conversation – it’s like we’re in the room with you.  You receive a handout at the beginning of the webinar that you’ll find most useful and it shares all the stories we talk about and links to them.  Simply register by clicking on this link: 


*screw them other fellers, join us live on the webinar!   Tweet: *screw them other fellers, join us live on the webinar!

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