Success Leaves Clues

eddie and meIt is said, and has been proven true, success leaves clues.

As you decide to join a work from home company, take some time to look for the success clues.  Talk to some of their business builders.

Here’s some success factors:

  1. Company Track Record – how long have then been in business?  What are their sales stats? How are they viewed in the industry?
  2. Financially Sound — are they in debt?  Who do they owe money too?  Do they pay their reps?  Are checks every late?
  3. Strong Management — who’s running the show?  Are they college educated?  Are they experienced in the business world?  Is their first priority you?
  4. Unique Consumable Products by All – are they selling $36 bottles of juice?  Are their products that are unique – yet consumed by all?  Things like laundry soap, vitamins, cosmetics — unique to the company, yet something you already consume.
  5. Competitively Priced– Are they super expensive?  Or affordable?
  6. High Reorder Rate – why would you represent a company that doesn’t have a high reorder rate?  It’s easier to have repeat customers than to try to find new customers over and over and over.
  7. Low Entry Fee and Low Production Requirement — If the charges are exorbitant (over $100) the company is making money off of you, and not their products.  You should not be required to purchase more than what you need.  Period.
  8. Low Attrition — Are representatives jumping ship like rats on a burning boat?
  9. Timing – What are their goals?  Where do they plan to be in 10, 20 even 50 years time?  Where are they now?
  10. No Breakaways – you develop a business builder and next thing you know, the company has taken them away from you.  You no longer earn income from that builder.  That’s a breakaway.  There is no good outcome from breakways.
  11. No Risk — It ought to be money back guarantee and no one gets hurt.  If you invest your money, is it refundable?  If not – think again.

Take a good look at this list.  Is there any one item on this list you can take away from it and still feel comfortable doing business?

The picture is Eddie Bestoso and me.  Eddie is corporate director in my company and taught this seminar at our most recent convention – and he’s left lots of clues! (yes, I know it’s a cardboard cutout)