Start Small

I woke up today and realized yesterday was not a nightmare.  It really happened.  All those kids were shot and killed.  CNN had an article that said the shooter was “quiet and reserved”.  First he killed his mom, who was a teacher but not at that school, and then he went to that school and killed those kids and then himself.

There have been twitter and facebook posts that talk about helping the mentally ill, working on gun control, bullying.  Everyone has an opinion, and maybe they all have some truth in them.

Yet I can’t wrap my head around this tragedy, let alone what we should do about this as a country.

What I think, maybe, we should do is start small.  What can we do in this small town where I live?  Or what can you do in your neighborhood in a big city?  There’s no quick and easy answer.  The one thing we can do is get to know our neighbors.  Show love.  Have conversations and maybe we can learn to help each other.  

We have to start somewhere.  Why not where we live?