Social Media: A Way To Use The Internet To Market Your Business

Session One: Free Introductory Class September 15 5:30 to 6:30 pm with questions after

It’s virtually impossible to ignore. Everywhere you look, people are talking about Social Networking and Social Media. Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Linked In – just for starters.

Facebook has 200 million members.
You Tube visitors are viewing 13 billion videos a month.
Linked In has over 15 million business people networking
Twitter is growing at over 40% a month.

How can your business utilize these new tools to build your customer base, reach out to your community and build your bottom line? Join the discussion, see some of the tools available and begin to determine if this series is one you want to be involved in.

Sessions Two and Three are a package deal for $60. There will be handouts prior to the classes for those taking the series. We want you to hit the ground running!

Session Two: September 22 5:30 to 7:30 pm: Facebook
If you’re not comfortable or familiar with Facebook, just consider it a new take on the networking event except with less pressure to make small talk and no shrimp cocktail boat. You’ll learn how to maximize facebook: create a profile, a company page, join and create groups and how to use facebook to market your business. This is a hands on class. You will have received information that has allowed you to already set up your account prior to this class. You will also have telephone access to the instructor prior to this class.

Register early: class size is limited.

Session Three: September 29 5:30 to 7:30 pm: Twitter and Blogging
Blogging is more than just ranting about something. It’s an actual website with content that is updated frequently (by you). It’s an opportunity to share your expertise and drive customers to your physical site and your website. If you do it right, customers will find you when they Google a service they are looking for. We will set up your blog, leave you with some great ideas and make sure you are comfortable utilizing this tool when you leave.

Twitter – For you, the small business owner, Twitter is an amazing tool that can expand your reach to customers and potential customers. If can allow you to stay in touch and connect with thousands of people instantly. If can help drive your brand and communicate with customers in a way that you’ve never been able to do before. We’ll begin to build your twitter account in this class.

WHERE: Ellsworth Community College Reg Johnson Building Room 104

CONTACT: Deb Sabin, Iowa Valley Continuing Education, 641-648-8621