SOBCon 09: First Day

Friday it all begins.  I’ve been reviewing the schedules and thinking about the things I want to learn – and use in my business.  I also have four sponsors and will be considering their businesses as well.  
I am a marketing executive for Melaleuca.  My position with them entails introducing people to the company, helping them find products that will work to enhance their lives and create greener homes.  I don’t sell products!  I do talk about them.  I also help others to do the same.  I will NOT be blogging about products (the company has all that information).  I will be blogging about network marketing! 
The Franklin County Historical Society preserves our local heritage and shares it with others.  I am helping them bring their information to the internet.  We are looking at two blogs about historical sites. 
Townsend Winery opens this summer.  They have spent the last 8 years or so preparing their business (built, worked the land, paid for everything as they went).  I will be helping them set up and maintain their blog.
Cornerstone Cottage, owned by Judy Wrolson, is a great local gift, craft, fun things store.  Judy is ahead of the curve in this conversation.  She is using twitter and facebook.  I’ll excitedly be helping her create a blog to rock the crafting world!
Pat Palmer is The Computer Guy.  He does onsite repairs and offsite ones as  well.  Pat is one smart cookie – and he’ll be using his blog to generate more business.  
In a nutshell, I am working with clients who have new blogs.  Nothing like starting fresh!  

Here’s the topics that are covered on the first day of SOBCon: 
  • trust in building community and participation in a 21st century business
  • Power positioning: from personal branding to online assets
  • what to do, know and expect from a blog based business
  • explore the changes that come with ramping up from business person to CEO
  • ins and outs of writing for your readers and search engines
  • expand the conversation into audio and video
  • tools and strategies for keeping the back office on track
  • tailoring your web content for the accessibility market
How exciting!  It gets better.  All the presenters will present – and then have conversations with their listeners.   The presenters are not your ‘business school you’d better listen to me’ kind of presenters either.  They are the successful bloggers, inspiring speakers and just plain fun people!
See you there?
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