Balance in the Spring

Today I did the best I could at being in balance.

I worked online from 7 to 9 am. I went to a meeting with a group of tech geeks (my people) and got hung up in the conversation until noon.
Came home and helped my dad prepare the yard for 18 lavender plants and then planted them.  Lunch.  Phone work. Blogging.  Trip to town with mom and ended up getting pavers for the new lavender plant section.  Supper.  Back in the garden until dark.  Phone work, blogging, phone work, writing a 5 year plan.  10 pm, supper time.
Sound balanced to you?  No, me either.
What I’ve learned: balance comes and goes.  Sometimes you have to be out of balance for awhile so you can be in better balance down the road.  
I’m in the stage of my growth in business where balance means no balance.  For me, doing different things all day long is balance.  
What kind of balance do you have in your life? 
picture is Cody and me in the Salt Mines — some days you do have to work in the salt mines!
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