SaveYour.Town 5 Stories Session 2

Sunday afternoons Becky McCray and I, as part of our SaveYour.Town project, are talking about 5 stories found on the internet during the week.   Here are the links to the stories we covered this week and the 10 minute video discussion.

  1. Agritourism Toolkit – Oregon Tourism Commission Focus on business fundamentals first, then a strong marketing effort.
  2. 5 reasons small towns should think regionally  Another winner from Katy. Reason 4: “Small towns are inter-connected by family ties.”
  3. Three rural Australia population trends that should be on your radar – just like in the US, reports of rural’s death in Australia are greatly exaggerated. “The RAI’s research shows that widespread decline is a myth, the regional population is growing and there is much more to the story.”
  4. Whitehorse greenhouse teams up with local artists, food co-op  Greenhouse as biz incubator!
  5. How to Build a Better Neighborhood Written for small neighborhoods inside big cities, so the ideas work just as well in small towns.

Did you miss Session One?  Watch it here!

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