Rural X Summit

Rural X

A Summit for Small Towns

#ruralX stands for Rural Experience; a “come as you are” convergence of thinkers and doers with a desire to share creative energy, positive motivation and compelling new ways to “ruralize their potential” in the places they call home. The lively, inspirational summit will inspire critical conversations, connect people with ideas, encourage community-to-community collaboration and transform ideas into action.

I stole those words right off their website: Because they said it so much better than I could.

Becky and I have been asked to speak at the Rural X Summit happening July 19 and 20 and we gladly said yes.  In fact, I’m going out early (road trip!) and taking vacation time to wander my way up to Aberdeen and visit small towns along the way.  Check out the speakers:

  • a systems thinker,
  • The Rock Garden people (I promise they are amazing),
  • design/build specialist for rural folk,
  • Jim Woster for God’s sake, and a man who lives at  the intersection of immersive experiences, community organizing, strategic messaging and network theory.

Seriously – don’t you want to go just because of those things?

Oh but it gets so much better!

  • They are doing blind date lunches for those of you driving up, or over, or down.
  • Breakout sessions that make sense – taking what you’ve heard and applying it on top of where you’re from.
  • Local farm to fork experience outdoors with music and more.
  • Open X format — where you create the breakout the sessions (and I’m really excited about that one!)

Most importantly — it’s geared toward rural folks.  This is not a bunch of bit city folks trying to water down their stuff for country people.  We’re not stupid -and we hate that.  It’s a group of smart, savvy rural people who believe in their communities coming together and finding ways to grow and support each other.

I suggest you check out the link above.  I seriously hope I get to see you there!


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