Right Here at Home

Maysville School in Franklin County Iowa

I have a great job.  I get to tell stories, share them all over town and on the internet.

Every once and awhile I get to share the stories with kids.

Last Friday there were 55 Girl Scouts from Sheffield Iowa who came out to Maysville School and the Old Stone House to hear our stories.

Maysville was the first school in Franklin County, built in 1867 and still standing today .  There are two stories, school was held on the lower floor and the upper floor acted much like a community center.  Church was held there, civic organizations met there, the first Friday of every month was Maysville night and you could see a play, or hear a poem or listen to a singer.  The curtain used to hide the stage was handpainted with local business advertisements.  Amazingly, three of them are still in business!

The Old Stone House was the first permanent home in Franklin County.  Leander Reeve built it in 1854 for his wife – who would not leave Ohio until he built her a proper home.  Three years after she moved here, they moved back to Ohio!  His brother James stayed and became the first judge in the county.  The house had 16 families live it in over the years with no running water or electricity, the last family lived there in the 1950’s.  It’s the home where the beginning of agriculture started in the county.  You’ll walk into the home and step back into the 1800’s!

Friday 55 young girls ranging from 5 years old to 14 years old got a living history lesson, in the place where the history occurred.  Right here at home ….