our townOh don’t get all excited, thinking about playing.  Or maybe do get excited thinking about playing ……………

but this quick post is not about that kind of play.

It’s about the fact that I’m in a community theatre production of Our Town – a play.  Our director is 19.  The oldest person in the play is 93.  I fit right in the middle.  It’s really a community theatre – I’m one of the Franklin County Players.  Don’t ask me why I auditioned.  I’ll tell you I am cast as the town gossip – and everyone says “oh, type casting huh?”  I don’t know whether to be offended or to just agree.

Its been fun, kind of.  Its been amazing watching the other players remember the thousand lines they have.  I think I might have 20 lines myself, and I kinda know them.  The cues are the hardest part. Remember when to come in with your line, not sound like you are reciting a memorized line and then not to laugh at yourself.

Kind of like work – Remembering when to do your part, not sounding like you’re bored or uninterested and not laughing at yourself (at least until you are alone).

Everybody should be in a play.

Failing that – go out and play.  What the hey – it’s July.  Vacate.

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