platejoyJust hearing the name Platejoy makes me happy.

This is an online site that makes eating better, shopping easier and cooking more fun.  It’s simple.  You fill out the lifestyle quiz, add in the kinds of foods you really don’t want to eat and sit back and wait for the recipes and shopping lists to come to you by email.  I choose to get mine on Sundays so I can review them for the week and cook the following Sunday, if I cook.

The recipes are not hard to make.  The shopping list is all inclusive.  Amazing what items I don’t have in my house!  I can also personalize my account any time I want.  Maybe I don’t need to be gluten free, just wheat free – I can adjust that.  I’m not a vegetable fan, so I can note which veggies I don’t want and they cater to my whims.  I can do searches for meals and try new things.

Breakfast includes things like:



Lunch looks like:








You get the idea — great looking food that actually tastes good.

The first rule of economics is there is no such thing as a free lunch.  Platejoy costs too – but only $14 a month.  To have my meals personalized with foods I’ll actually eat and the recipes and the shopping list — it’s worth every penny.

(And yes, I received one free month for reviewing this site – and I’m still using it after the month is over.)