Sunday Update: Persist

persistenceHow many times have you thought “I can’t do this. Why am I even trying? What’s the point? It’s too hard. I’m not seeing results quick enough.”

You don’t get better overnight.  You don’t lose weight overnight.  You don’t learn to eat the right way overnight.  Those who don’t succeed have not tried enough times.  There’s an old joke amongst band geeks: How do you get to Carnegie Hall?  Practice practice practice. It’s no different with rebuilding your body.  First you learn what you have to do, then you do it.  And do it. And do it. And keep doing it.

That’s the hard part — incorporating persistence into our day to day routines.  Every day we have choices to make.  Will I exercise today?  Will I eat right today?  Bad things happen all the time.  People die.  Wars begin. Work sucks.  Gildna Radner said “It’s always something.” She was right – we can choose to be sidelined by something.  Or we can just keep choosing the path that works best for us.  If you fall, get up.  If you have a good day, celebrate.  If you cry, wipe your eyes and keep going.  Make good choices and don’t beat yourself up for the bad choices you’ve made.  Persist.


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