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April 23 the State of Now/140 Character Conference takes place in Des Moines at the Civic Center. Here’s what a few of our attendees and speakers have to say.


“While the technology that is available to inform us and reach others has grown so rapidly, I can’t wait to hear others share the value of this. Communication is essential and I will love to hear the speakers thoughts, ideas and successes using all media sources for our information and communication. I have had to rely on the information highway as helping me understand my health issues and have formed valuable connections and resources. I would like to continue growing my story.


As a owner of a small business in the infant stages, I feel I will walk away with from this conference with a more complete understanding on why it is so important that we have this all this media available and why we should utilize it.” Shelly Winfrey, attendee



“My topic on how restaurants can use social media, may be the tipping point between corporate restaurants and the locally owned eating establishment. When all things are equal, people will support the place that rewards them as a customer. More businesses, especially restaurants need to build that brand loyalty and my topic will help them.” Pat Palmer, The Computer Guy



“Social media platforms are transforming professional development. Using Twitter, I can learn from and with teachers globally. My learning and connections are bringing experiences to my students they would not normally have. There is power in connecting with others who are passionate about education. I, once a skeptic, never would have thought one tweet would transform my professional life and enhance student learning while empowering student voice.” Erin Olson (formerly Erin Mathews from Hampton)



“Students in the current 21st century classroom crave social interactions and thrive on using the latest technology. The 140 conference will redefine ways in which to structure your classroom to fuse both of these student passions in effective ways.” Shawna Massow, summer intern for Old Stone House and family from Latimer


“Some of the best ideas can be gleaned from others outside your industry. By listening to presentations by non-ag speakers last year, I started thinking differently about how our seed business was using social marketing. There were ideas that I took home, adapted slightly and implemented to build stronger relationships with our existing customers and to reach new audiences.” Shannon Latham, Latham Hi-Tech Seeds



People want more information about their food according to the DM Register. That is what I will try to do. Take the mystery out of modern farming. Larry Sailer



“I have sensed for some time now that this explosion of technology is creating entirely new avenues that will wed the quality of life I love here in rural Iowa with my newly emerging business dreams. I expect to discover how others have made their individual careers thrive, and am excited to network with them. Several of us are taking a carload down together and I can’t wait!” Pamela Warwick, attendee



The ball is in your court — will you attend?



Visit and use the code ‘verizon’ to save $30 on the cost of your ticket. It could very well be the best $40 you spend this year.


  1. Trina Braafhart on April 20, 2012 at 7:23 pm

    I am very excited for the #140conf. I am anxious to learn more about how social media can help me with my business. I am also interested in how I can create relationships with not only small businesses but large corporations as well. I like the fact that presentations are limited to 10-20 minutes each, so we can hear as many stories as possible. Thank you so much for all of your hard work in bringing this valuable conference to Des Moines!

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