Peace. Be Still.

Yesterday I got a tattoo.

I’ve been considering getting one for about 4 years now. Getting a tattoo is a serious endeavor. First you have to decide you want to. Then you should decide what that tattoo will be or say. They you have to find a talented tattoo artist. Finally, you get the tattoo.
I already have a small penguin tattoo on my ankle. I got ‘Fred’ for my 40th birthday. As you get to know me, you know I love penguins. That tattoo just made sense.
This tattoo took a lot of thinking about. I wanted something Greek, and something with peace in it. My house has many pictures representing peace. We lovingly call it the house of peace and there is no arguing and yelling allowed. You have to go out side to do that. I love Greece and have been there 3 times, with more visits planned. I think I must have been Greek in another lifetime.
Sunday in church the preacher talked about the Scripture where Jesus is asleep in the bottom of the boat and a storm comes in. His disciples freaked out and woke him up, wanting to know what to do. Jesus said “Peace! Be still” and the waters calmed.
I knew right then what I’d have my tattoo say. Often I’m at ends with myself, frustrated or just too busy. If Jesus can calm the waters, I can look at the words and calm myself.
I chose an olive branch – the symbol of peace. I choose the Greek Words for Peace, Be still.
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