Newspapers Dead?

Word is newspapers are becoming obsolete.  Yesterday’s news – and all that.  

I disagree. 
Newspapers are more than just news.  Yes, news is important.  With television and now the internet – it’s very easy to get the news almost as it is happening.  But not all newspapers are on the rat race to print all the news that’s fit to print. 
I am the editor for a daily newspaper in Franklin County Iowa.  My publisher owns the local bookstore.  Our intention is to promote local business – shop where your house is.  We feature local businesses. We provide listings for today and tomorrow of activities in the county (school, church, groups, organizations, etc.) We have articles written from our point of view.  There are guest articles as well.  We share jokes, interesting tidbits of information, articles from the County Extension office — and whatever we feel like writing.  We are truly the people’s paper.  
A few people advertise with us, not more than 12 on any given day though.  The paper is free and you can find it any place where people in town gather for coffee.  We don’t make any money at it (other than we get free advertising for our respective businesses). 
I think you could compare us to a community blog – in print.  It’s working for us.  Our news is important to our community.  What’s happening in town today.  A new business? Wow, I didn’t know that! They do that?  We call ourselves: Hampton Today, Who Knew?  
Oh – and you can receive it in your email every day! Dead? I think not! 
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