Needy is as needy does

Ed Bestoso made a good point last week.

He said that if you are trying to help the needy in your business, you’ll always be helping the needy.  This is business we are talking about people.  If you want to help the needy in your volunteer life, well that’s the place to help the needy!  But in business, you might just want to make some money.  And it’s okay to make money in business.

Money is not the root of all evil.  The lust for money is that.  Money is just money.  It pays the bills.  It helps you take vacations.

So what was Eddie talking about then?  In our business, we build teams and work closely together.  The better you do, the better I do.  We are in business for ourselves, just not by ourselves.  It really takes a team to make my business work.

So if I’m building a team comprised of needy people, what kind of team am I going to have?

I’m committed to growing, teaching and leading.  I’m not committed to doing the work for someone else. Needy people want you to do the work for them.  I need that like I need another hole in the head.

So why do needy people gravitate towards us?  Because we are used to finding people who are needy – they make us look smarter.  We can solve their problems.  We have set ourselves up to be the go to people.

Here’s a secret – and it’s never too late to learn this secret.  You are as smart as the people you surround yourself with.  Look around – who are you doing business with?  Can they help you or hurt you?

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