Miss Dazey Comes to Iowa

I know lots of people online.


Out of all of them, @Miss_Dazey is the one person I thought I’d never meet.   She lives in Missouri and spends a lot of time sleeping.  Her health requires it.  Linda (Miss Dazey) doesn’t travel much, and when she does its to see Jeanne Robertson or her kids.

This week she and Mr. Bruce (her husband) drove to Minnesota to visit her daughter.  It’s my great fortune that where I live is right on the way.  They stopped and visited with me at the local Hardees.  I think I might be one of her first online friends she’s ever visited!  What an honor.

We talked about  how we came to be online in the first place and what could people do to include seniors in their conversations.  I find it hard to believe, but there are some people who are rude and mean to Miss Dazey – because she’s a senior.  Not that I’m calling her a liar – I’m not – but how could anyone be mean to her?  Miss Dazey has been one of my staunchest supporters and a good friend.  She gets this thing called twitter.  Miss Dazey follows and listens and learns.  Then she shares what she’s learned with others.  This is the kind of person you want to be your online friend.

Find her on twitter at @Miss_Dazey .  Strike up a conversation.  Ask her what she’d like you to do for seniors.  Share your stories with her.  Learn from her.  Just be a friend.  We all need friends — in real life and online.