Locals Weigh In on #TravelMidwest

Somewhere on a country road in Iowa

Many people have weighed in on the conversation with National Geographic on why they should visit Iowa in their trek across the United States.  Here’s just a few comments received from blog posts, facebook comments and twitter.   

But none of the glitz and glamour found in the big cities feeds my soul like quiet times spent in the Midwest’s rural areas! That’s why one of the things I enjoy most about my job is traveling the countryside, visiting with Latham® dealers and farmer-customers. I’ve gained an appreciation for the differences in the landscape across six states. I enjoy the raw beauty of each area, whether I’m in the Loess Hills of Iowa or along the Mississippi River.….Shannon Latham  (read entire article here)

Making a living in this tiny town is simpler. Taxes are amazingly cheaper. The air is fresher. The pace, slower. I am forever savoring the bounties and blessings from nature that are ever at my back door. Children ride bikes together through town, and the city park burgeons with baseball players, soccer enthusiasts, and families grilling outside. Yet, sometimes Iowa’s rural beauty is its most poignantly refreshing when first arriving back home from our world-wanderings. ..Pamela Warwick  (read entire blog post here)

I have lived in numerous places(Germany, Japan, Colorado, Texas, N.D., Minnesota, etc.) and far prefer Iowa. I find life in small town America a wonderful place to live!! I enjoy the friendly people, the superior economy, good school system, strong work ethic, firm religious convictions, and a sense of community with safety. I hope I can stay here a long time!! P.S. I appreciate the continuing education from the community college too!! … Shirley Ostroot of Osage  (one of the NIACC students taking my Senior Boot Camp class and she is over 70 years old

‎@NatGeoTraveler, Iowa’s no fly over state!

  • Iowa: home to the last designed Frank Lloyd Wright hotel in the world, and recently renovated! (Historic Park Inn, Mason City).
  • How about those 76 trombones that led the big parade? Band Fest is coming up in May 24-26, how about a stop in Mason City to pay tribute to the famous Meredith Wilson!
  • Love the food you eat? (I know I do!) Without the tractor, we wouldn’t be anywhere near where we are today in our food system. Credit goes to John Froelich, visit his museum near Monona, Iowa.
  • We built it, and they came! Iowa is home to The Field of Dreams. Guessing Kevin Costner would agree, it’s a must see!
  • And how about that beloved computer you use to take down all your travel experiences, better stop at Iowa State University for that one! First digital computer was invented there in 1942. By the way, Iowa State University was also the first land grant college, and such a beautiful campus I might add.
  • Bridges of Madison County, THE Iowa State Fair (Can’t be beat!)
  • I could go on and on. The south, yeah that’s been done. Iowa is where it’s at! ….Laura Cunningham

• Worlds Largest Truck Stop: Walcott, IA
• Antique Archaeology: Le Claire, IA
• Effigy Mounds: Marquette, Iowa
• West Bend – Grotto of the Redemption
• Sergeant Floyd Monument: Sioux City, IA
• Villisca Axe Murder House in Villisca, IA (Kind of Creepy, but people like it)
• NASCAR racing begins in May at Newton’s Iowa Speedway
• Pella, IA and the Dutch Festivals and Tulip Time.
• Decorah Eagles
• Ertl Toy Company in Dyersville, IA
• Amana Colonies:
• Sullivan Brothers: Waterloo, IA
• Devonian Fossiles: Rockford, IA
• Louisiana Purchase
• Charles City Oliver Tractor Company
• Herbert Hoover Birthplace: West Branch, IA
• Johnny Carson Birthplace: Corning, IA
• John Waynes Birthplace: Winterset, IA
• Ashton Kutcher was Born in Cedar Rapids
Just a few things that I thought of through out the day. :)…Amy Hild

Twitter conversation between KCEdventures and @IATraveler — this my friends, is a great example of long tail! 

@iatraveler I’ve been thinking about a midwest travel blog link-up for families. Has it been done before?

@KCEdventures Not that I’m aware of… We should celebrate#TravelMidwest!

@iatraveler Fine w/me if you don’t mind tag being used. Goal is make it easy for families to find travel posts about midwest this summer.

@KCEdventures No worries on using the tag. More #TravelMidwestfor everyone!

Jennifer Pearson, a teacher in Iowa, has enrolled her students in our efforts 


My #3rdgraders are preparing a convincing presentation for@natgeotraveler Come see us in #Iowa #travelmidwest, stay tuned…

Drew McLellan, @DrewMcLellan, one really smart guy, chimes in: 

@GoodTraveler – I hope you get a chance to explore the midwest and its culture, spirit and generosity on your trek! #travelmidwest

@GoodTravelerNG – Come visit and we’ll show you why it’s called the HEARTland. #travelmidwest

@GoodTravelerNG – MN with its amazing lakes and IA with stunning bluffs. Best of both states – warm, generous people #travelmidwest

Mason City Native, Sara Broers @saramomof2, gives a reason to visit her neck of the woods:

@GoodTraverlerNG– Just one fabulous reason why we need to see you —-> #TravelMidwest

Shannon Latham, of @LathamSeeds fame, shares many reasons to come to Iowa:

Hope @GoodTravelerNG will re-route & #TravelMidwest. There’s nothing like fresh #Iowa sweet #corn & home-grown #bacon.

Little Franklin County, IA is big on history with 12 places on National Register. That’s 12 reasons for @GoodTravelerNG to#TravelMidwest!

American Gothic is HUGE @jplovescotton. American Gothic Pie Lady is a story herself. @GoodTravelerNG, get a slice here!

Jody Halsted, @IAtraveler, started it all … and was appalled that National Geographic would NOT travel the midwest.  

OK #Midwest friends. Help me convince @GoodTravelerNG why he should visit us on his roadtrip! #TravelMidwest