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Zoom Recommendation First

I took advantage of and attended a webinar to learn more about how to use their product. We use Zoom for our videos and we do love it. This is not a product review, it’s a definite recommendation though. I’m not being paid for it either. More and more people are working from home and this is a tool that helps you stay in touch, share your business and create videos that work.

Let’s start with Janice Person, and food

I tell you all of this because I’ve started using Zoom to catch up with people and to do casual interviews. I reached out to Janice Person. She’s got a 25 year background in the Ag Industry with various experiences that most of us have not had. Janice is now podcasting weekly on Wednesday. You can find her podcast links on her website at her business site, JP Loves Cotton. 

Rural people know the value of our farmers, and what they bring to the table. Yet, there’s so much more for even us to learn about our food. I read that kids in NYC thought that meat grows at the grocery store. We’ve got a huge disconnect between rural and urban. Taking the first step to learn more about where you food comes from is a great first step. Visit Janice’s site and podcast, and listen with your kids about food!

Enjoy the interview!

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