Iowan’s View of Manhattan

New York is a wonderful city – and I recommend everyone go at least once.  Today my post is about a few things I saw while there last week.

This is me, Deb Brown.  I love small cars.  Green is a favorite color of mine.  Hertz was at the 140 Character Conference as a sponsor and offered attendees the opportunity to drive a smart car.  I took them up on the offer!

See the gray box in the middle?  Another one of those lovely cameras that feed back to the police station.

Times Square – where the action never stops.  Where did all those people come from?  New York is a real international city.

We took the Super Shuttle into Manhattan from Newark.  It was a rainy day.  I noticed this group of young people just hanging out.

We stayed at a flat on 47th street – thanks to the people from Home Away.  It was a 2 bedroom with a futon, kitchen and 1 bath – and much more affordable than staying in a hotel in Times Square.  Highly recommended (and I felt like Carrie from Sex and the City!).

Statue of Liberty – we saw her on the Grayline Sightseeing Cruise.  We had the great fortune to ride on a boat with a tour director that gave the history along with the locations we were looking at.

It’s great to travel with friends.  I highly recommend it.

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