Hanging Out with the Pork Queen

26262193573_098d01a825_zLast night I got to hang out with the Pork Queen and the kids from the FFA.

It’s just one of the many reasons I love living in a small town.  For the cost of $5 here’s what I received:

  1. A pork burger with bacon, chips and a drink
  2. great conversation with local FFA boys and girls
  3. knowing the proceeds of that meal go to support those students
  4. my picture with them and the pork queen!
  5. supporting a local business (Hy-Vee)
  6. networking with our local Pork Producers

FFA – Future Farmers of America (for my readers who may not have known what that stood for.

Did you know Iowa is the #1 state in the nation for pork production?  And the #1 state for pork exports?  94% of Iowa’s farms are family owned farms.  Almost 1/3 of the nation’s hogs are raised in Iowa.  There’s plenty of information about pigs and pork production on the Pork Producers site at