Fishbone Alley Gulfport Mississippi

Hurricane Katrina damaged downtown Gulfport, Mississippi in 2005. During restoration they found brick pavers under the asphalt. These were used in 1908 to build their streets. In 2016 those pavers were used in an economic development project called Fishbone Alley.

Local artists have created a visual delight as you walk down the alley. This is an example of placemaking at its finest! It’s also a great idea for a small town to borrow. Use your local artists to brighten up an alley or empty space.


Strings of lights can be used over any space. Using local artists gives the community a sense of pride and allows the artists to be recognized as well.

Art can go anywhere, including these electrical boxes.

Art can go anywhere, including these electrical boxes.

more art on boxes

How fun is the fish over that meter?

Crochet art is kinda like yarn bombing.

Words of wisdom from a marvelous musician.

Just a fish informing you the art you are about to see is public art.

It doesn’t have to be difficult. I love the use of just a little paint.

This art covers up electrical equipment and is true to the water theme.

Peaceful, colorful place for some fun photo ops!

Brightening up a little cubby in the alley.

Both of these doors have this design on it. And those doors cover up the area where the giant garbage bins are.

Every door could have an octopus on it!

This restaurant butts up to the alley, and they took advantage of an empty space to create an outdoor patio. With a view of local art.

This is signage for an event that is located downtown. Inexpensive use of corroboard and weather resistant too.