Down time at the Lake

I was at a party at a cottage on Beeds Lake late last year.  I just loved the house!  It overlooked the lake, had two bedrooms and a huge living room.  I volunteered to house sit if she ever needed someone.  I got the call this week asking if I still wanted to house sit.  I quickly said “Yes!”

There’s no internet at the Lake.  I’ve given up television (switched to Netflix) already.  This means I’ll work in my home office during the day – and leave at 5 to go house sit at the lake.  I’ll have two dogs for company.

At first I was nervous.  How would I survive without jumping up and checking email and facebook at night?  What if I get snowed in?  Will I lose my mind?

Then I started to think.  I have this writing I’ve been meaning to do.  I’m working on a book and I have an opportunity to apply for a grant to get the writing done.  This would be a great time to finish my outline, plans for travel and the grant.  Then there’s event I’m planning in Des Moines on May 9th.  I could make a lot of phone calls over the 10 days at the Lake.  I could have a friend out for supper one night.  If the weather cooperates, me and the dogs can go for walks.  I could actually spend some time down just thinking.  Maybe a little creating.

It’s going to be a wonderful adventure.