Does it really take a commitment?

Really? Are you sure?

Really? Are you sure?

I got asked again today.  “Is that social media really working for you? ”

Then she said “Well, teach me so I can get more clients too.  What are you doing?”

In this age of immediate gratification, she expected a five minute answer that would solve her problems. It appears her biggest problem is she doesn’t want to talk to anyone.  She’ll email, chat online, write things on facebook.  When she gets ready to.  Not in any specific, intentional manner – just kinda willy nilly.

But pick up the phone?  No – see, that takes too much time.

Let me tell you a secret.  To make a sale, you almost always have to pick up the phone.  Or meet them in person.  You always have to TALK to someone.

In social media, we learn to carve out ways to have conversations with people we don’t know very well.  It could be your neighbor, or a person across the world.  It always involves having a conversation – along the lines of :

  • I like this
  • I don’t like that
  • here’s a link about the red dog you were talking about
  • did you see that story about Patagonia
  • I wrote a blog post today, check it out here
  • Can you recommend any good books about small business?


Let me say that in another way – it’s a two way conversation about things in life.  You’ll mention your business of course, you won’t scream about it, make that the only thing you talk about. Think about the conversations after church – is the only thing you talk about your business?

So what does it take to make social media work?

A commitment.  Drew McClellan told me “plan on 12 to 24 months to commit to social media for your business.”  He was right.  I’ll add that it’s a good idea to make a plan, work it, adjust it as needed.  Oh yeah, and have conversations with others who are using social media.

Then — pick up the phone.  Make a call.  Have a real conversation.


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