Diane Birch – Must Have Music

Diane Birch looks about fifteen. She is in her twenties. She sings like she’s in her fifties.

The music from her cd Bible Belt runs in the background at my home office. Just about every day. It’s rock, gospel, blues, country – all rolled into the music that is Diane Birch. She’s got a voice like those girls you hear in the subway stations in Chicago, or on the streets of New Orleans. Raw, rich and real.
Rise Up – lyrics from one verse
You gotta rise up little sister
Turn on the light
Wise up to the stories you’ve been told
Cuz love don’t come in black or white
Oh no no no
This is just a taste of lyrics that make sense in a nonsensical world.
When I listen to Diane Birch, I just want to get up and move. I want to reflect. I want to focus. I want to create. It’s music that moves through you.
You can find lyrics, sounds, tour info, pictures, media stuff all at
Did I mention she also played at the 140 Conference in New York, sponsored by Jeff Pulver? Yeah, she’s hip too.


  1. Jeff Pulver on July 9, 2009 at 11:55 am

    Diane Birch is an amazing source of energy.

    Easy to imagine seeing Diane open for James Taylor in the very near future. She is a modern day Carol King and reminds me of the soulful sound from the 70s.

    Her voice and her music and her presence is something to be experienced. She is real. Diane was amazing at #140conf. I've been listening to her CD since I received an early copy and I am hooked. I can her her music playing in the background in my mind most of of my day.

    I'm convinced that Diane will be one of the breakout stars recognized by the music industry this year.

    Jeff Pulver +

  2. Deb Brown on July 9, 2009 at 4:13 pm

    Diane is definitely an old soul – and she does remind me of my youth (I was in 20's in the 70's). Laura Nyro, Carole King, Melanie — yeah, Diane is going places! I consider myself lucky to have received her cd early. Thanks for coming by Jeff!

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