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Debworks is helping planning an event in Des Moines.  My job is reaching out to companies that can be possible sponsors.

It sounds pretty easy and it is.  That is if you’re passionate about what you’re doing, don’t mind having a lot of conversations – both IRL and online, and can handle rejection.

Companies like Des Moines Amplified have made part of this process very easy.  I found them via the Business Record.  My business partner suggested I contact Business Record as a possible sponsor.  They said no (because they only support 501(c)3’s) but they would be very interested in spreading the word – and send press releases!  I read their latest edition online and found articles about Iowa companies like and Des Moines Amplified.

I emailed them and one week later had a meeting scheduled with Duane Goodwin, CEO.  I like Duane – we are of the same mind on many things.  Des Moines Amplified wants to get the word out – and has created a venue to do just that.  They offer an affordable live advertising solution for Iowa businesses and the audience to hear the message.  They have also stepped up to the plate and are now one of our sponsors for the 140 Character Conference Iowa on May 9th.

Duane turned over the project to Jon Thompson, CTO and we spent a pleasurable 40 minutes on the phone working out the details.  We are very happy to have them on board and look forward to a long happy relationship.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I decided maybe I should do some more homework and see who some of these Connectors are.  Connectors are the people who have live online shows.  You can also watch their previous shows on the site.  We’re talking hours and hours of entertainment and information.  Visit and  check out the connectors.  Angela Clark is a friend I met through the May I Be Frank Movie trip – and she’s got a show here!  Kelly Boon will make your laugh.  There’s Mac guys, Jesus guys and local political guys.

Take a minute or 12 and check out the site, it’s pretty simple and easy to navigate.  Give a listen.  Turn off the tv and see what your local Iowans are talking about!

This is not a paid post, but a response to a conversation with one of the sponsors of the 140 Character Conference Des Moines.  If you think I’m promoting one of our sponsors, sister you’d be right.  It just so happens I like them too.

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