A Few Ideas from Bennettsville, SC ECE

I had the pleasure to visit several small towns in March on my Massive March Road Trip.  I’ll be writing more about it, but today I’m sharing ideas from Bennettsville, SC you can put to work right away!

Newcomers Gathering

Bennettsville, SC had me come to town for an Embedded Community Experience. One cool thing they did was host a Newcomers Get Together. Everyone that had moved to town in the past year were invited by their realtors to attend this gathering. Those realtors invited them face to face and it really helped to bring more people to the event. There were treats, it was early evening and they all had a chance to ask a lot of questions. I talked about working together, sharing ideas and taking action. The newcomers also got to ask basic questions like can they burn garbage, where do they change their licenses at, and who should they contact for what.

Take Pictures

There are beautiful plants and flowers in South Carolina. I took this picture in the yard of the b and b I stayed at in Bennettsville. I realized that the locals would know what these flowers and plants are, but visitors may not. What if we shared our pics on Instagram and Facebook so possible visitors would know a little more about our nature?

Make Your Small Spaces Beautiful

This is a little pass through by the flower shop in Bennettsville. There’s a sweet statue, a path and greenery. What if they added a proper bench by the sidewalk entrance, some art on the brick instead of graffitti and created a lovely little resting place?

Ask Alumni for Help

This is a very old African American school in Bennettsville. They asked different graduating classes to take on the responsibility for one of the rooms. They finished floors, made the blackboards beautiful and put in new windows. The room will forever be theirs.