Birthday Goals

Monday, June 1 is my birthday.  Did I mention I love birthdays, especially mine?  

So what’s different this year?  What have I accomplished this past year?  And where am I going?
This past year I have:
  • written more
  • traveled on my own path
  • stood up for myself
  • lived with joy
Okay okay — I know, you want to know WHAT I did this last year, right?  
  • started a local newspaper and expanded it to online
  • helped over 20 people make their homes safer and non-toxic
  • started my own social media consulting business 
  • attended a life changing conference in Chicago
  • told a couple of people to get lost
  • spent a lot of time with my parents
  • write a blog, that got picked up by the Des Moines Register
  • decided to get fit and took the beginning steps 
Now — what’s going to happen for this next year?  
  • writing and publishing a book 
  • achieving Senior Director – that’s helping five others develop their business
  • work with local businesses to change the shape of their marketing plans
  • travel to (and organize a few) conferences
  • a few road trips with the parental unit
  • keep writing my blog and fine tune it
  • Be fit – and help others realize they can do it to.
So HAPPY 54TH BIRTHDAY TO ME!  And hey, hold me to it.  I’m counting on you too! 


  1. Robert Hruzek on May 29, 2009 at 2:51 pm

    Hey, happy early Birthday, Deb! Afraid I’m still one-up on ya though… 😉

  2. MB on May 29, 2009 at 6:16 pm

    Robert – I think you’ll always be one up on me! You’re just that cool.

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