Be an Idea Friendly board member

Idea Friendly Method

Most of us who actively volunteer and work in a small town will more than likely be a board member of some organization eventually. The first role of any board is the fiscal wellness of the organization. Knowing the mission statement and being familiar with the bylaws, will help guide your decisions. Your job from that point is not to micromanage the organization, but to build community.

Try the Idea Friendly Method while serving on a board. Start with your big idea – what is it you want to accomplish?

Gather Your Crowd

Get outside for more meetings. Don’t feel you have to be tied to an official location. Being seen in public, less formal discussions, possible solutions at the site of the challenge, camaraderie with your peers – all great results of moving the meeting outside.

Build Connections

Plan on being involved in your community. Be a sounding board for the entrepreneurs with new ideas in your community. It’s not about giving them money. It is helping them build their connections. After all, you know many of the leaders and connections they may need.

Take Small Steps
Be willing to involve as many members as possible of your community in the events and activities you host. Realize that the majority of people don’t have time to sit on a board or serve on a committee. Make it possible for them to participate in small ways. Instead of serving on a yearlong committee, ask them to help for a couple of hours on a project. Don’t do all the planning yourself, let others try their ideas as well. It’s not about being in charge, it’s about letting everyone participate.

The Idea Friendly way of being a board member will make your volunteer position on a board more exciting, valuable to the community and you’ll get more done!


You can watch the SaveYour.Town video this month all about being an Idea Friendly Board