It’s very easy to be out of balance in your business.  In life – we are often also out of balance.  

If you’ve developed your 30-60-90 day plans (and you should), be sure to include some personal time.  If you are new in your industry (as a  lot of network marketers are), know that you will be out of balance.  It’s part and parcel of the business.  
Network marketing is not trading dollars for hours.  You don’t receive X amount of dollars for X amount of hours.  At first, you’ll be working your behind off and receiving very little money.  After a while (hopefully a short while) the money starts to look right.  Then …. ah then, you will start receiving money you can’t believe in.  Can those checks be that big?  Yes!  Now your job is to teach others to do the same.
Back to balance — I’m going to have a little balance this weekend.  It’s my 2 year old great neice’s birthday party Saturday. (Isn’t she adorable?  Don’t you just love that funny face?)  
I’ll also be meeting with friends Saturday morning and brainstorming on how to increase our customer database locally.  There will be phone calls made to clients and potential clients.  Church, haircut, blogging, writing, tweeting – and always walking and talking.  
I merge my business with my personal life – and I’m working on getting better at that.