Attitude Defines You

Attitude can make or break you.  In work, in play, in life.

I kattitude-scalenew a man who was negative all the time.  Things were never good enough.  People were always out to get him.  He expected the very worst to happen.  In actuality, he had a sound business idea, good staff and access to the people who needed his product.  But he certainly got what he expected.

Another friend is in a wheelchair.  She believes that life is worth living and lives every moment filled with joy.  She expects to receive only the best that life has to offer.  She can’t walk, often is down in bed with bedsores from sitting in her chair so long and is allergic to a lot of medicine.  She gets what she expects as well.

One man is in a rut and travels the Poor Me Road.  One woman doesn’t need to walk – she teaches us all how to fly.

The difference between the two?  Attitude.

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