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Have you heard all the buzz about Dwolla yet?  Duh-what?  DWOLLA – a very cool way to pay for things, and to receive payment.  Visit And you betcha – Debworks is a Dwolla Spot!

The Eagle Has Landed…. and babies are due around April 1.  Live action cam in Decorah, Iowa Strangely addictive.

Tickets now on sale for the 140 Character Conference in Des Moines May 9.  Early bird price of $40 good only through March 31!

The NFL wants to make it illegal to touch a quarterback in the act of throwing.  Hmmm. … bet there’ll be some brewhaha over that!

Some USDA data for you:
2.2 million farms in 2010, unchanged from 2009; total land in farms 920 million acres, +100,000 from 2009; avg. farm size 418 acres, unchanged from 2009.  Thanks to for that info .